A bit about Taylor Party Bus

Taylor Michigan is the largest of the 18 cities and townships which comprise the suburban area south of Detroit known as the Downriver area. While there is a diverse range of people living here, you'll find that Downriver and Taylor are both largely considered a "blue collar" area with roots deeply entrenched within the auto factories, steel mills, and chemical plants that find their home in this area. We've found, that those who work hard, generally like to play hard... And, that's where we come in, with affordable luxury transportation.

We have always been the area's leading provider of luxurious, fun, and surprisingly affordable Party Buses, Limousines, and Taylor Limo Buses complete with a top of the line chauffeur. If you find yourself with a big event creeping up on your horizon, you can rest assured that Taylor's leading Party Bus and Limousine provider is more than up to the task in supplying you with a great experience from the very first call to the very last drop-off.

We have worked very hard through our years of existence to obtain and retain the very highest class of people working in this industry. To this end, we have been completely successful in every sense, and you'll find that our great people is what sets us apart from any other players in this industry. Upon calling us for the very first time for a free quote, you'll notice immediately that our reservation specialist team are instantly willing to take their courteous and helpful nature to the highest level of professionalism. This carries right on through to our maintenance crew to our fine conglomeration of worthy chauffeurs. Visit some of our friends Party Bus MN and Party Bus Rental Indianapolis if you need service. For limos check out Limo Rental New Orleans.

How long has it been since you rewarded yourself for all your hard work? Do you spend so much time on the clock that you aren't even familiar with all the beautiful parks, exciting new bars and restaurants that our area has to offer? Downriver is booming with new places to visit, whether you want to take a walk through Heritage Park here in Taylor or Elizabeth Park in nearby Trenton, or if you just want a good meal or whether you want to dance the night away. We've got trendy cigar bars, mouth watering ethnic restaurants, old school bars, coffee shops ranging from Starbucks to mom and pop cafes, and even art galleries and beautiful parks. There's no shortage of sights to see when you're living and working in the downriver and Metro Detroit area, so let us be the one to take you where you want to go.

The luxurious vehicles that we have in our fleet are absolutely stunning and so comfortable to travel in for you and your friends. Why try to beat the traffic and find parking a mile away from your destination when you can travel in comfort and be dropped off and picked back up by a professional chauffeur? You'll feel like a VIP in your own neighborhood, and there's enough room in our buses to invite all of your friends and family! Whether you're treating them or splitting the cost among them, it's an affordable way to feel like a million bucks even if you've never seen that many zeros in your bank account! Good times to go all around with your guests, and all so affordably. We can't wait to show you what we can do!

Now, when it comes down to our sensational vehicles, you can take a look at them right here on our fleet page, or we'd also like to invite you to schedule a time to come down to the lot to view the vehicles you are interested in renting in person. Taking the grand tour and getting a personal VIP walk-through is the best way to choose your bus, but if time doesn't allow for that, our staff is more than happy to choose your vehicle for you. They're well versed in how to decide on the perfect bus for your particular event, whether it's a night of bar hopping, a wedding day, or a bachelor/bachelorette party. We also offer exciting customized packages for certain events, so be sure and ask us about that when you call!

If you're ready to speak with someone about your upcoming trip, we invite you to call us up to talk with an expert or email us if you prefer. Our contact info is at the top of each and every page of this site. We're here 24 hours a day, so even if you're reading this late at night, don't hesitate to reach out to us. With just a few easy pieces of information, we can provide you with a free, no obligation price quote, and you'll be that much closer to booking your next enticing day or night on the town with our chauffeur and your friends and family!

Are you ready to party? So are we. Call us tonight and let's book that party or special event!

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